First make sure that the system’s power is off, then having set your multimeter to ohms, touch the metal caps of the fuse with the multimeter’s testing leads and see whether or not a reading is recorded. Speakers could be incorrectly wired, or wires that are supposed to run separately have been combined. If the issue is still unresolved, reset the A/V receiver to the factory default settings. When any of the above causes happens, many car audio problems can result. Newly installed head unit has no power, 4. If the system has an unreliable ground the amp cannot pull the needed current. Move the speaker wires away from any electrical cords. Take out the key from the ignition and don’t turn on the car for at least 15 minutes. My car stereo sound goes in and out . With the car radio on, open and shut each door firmly. Some problems are related to the radio while others are speaker related. The truth is that lack of proper maintenance can result to your car stereo showing the problems discussed above. It is important to note that abnormal buildup of heat can be dangerous. Symptoms of poor grounding: Alternator whine; and the audio system produces crappy sounds. my car radio sound cuts in and out sometimes it makes like a whistleing sound and the sound goes out it seem to happen when i hit the gas pedal and when i slow the car down or stop the car it comes back on the radio always has power and never shuts off when it isnt supposed to its is just the sound that goes out any ideas thanks. If the problem happens almost always while moving, especially over rough roads id lean towards wiring issue. There is no sound or very low volume from one of the speakers. These speakers improve the quality of your car stereo but eat up the bass of your factory speakers. The bottom line is that your car stereo needs something that puts in more watts. A clean, bare chassis metal is the ideal grounding. Speaker popping and crackling: It’s often caused by breaking down due to old age or poor input quality or bad radio connection. Poor grounding can cause the amp to cut in and out. I just logged into sirius and sent a "refresh" signal. check your rear speakers through the trunk. Take note: The fuse number will depend on the model of Mercedes-Benz that you have. Another reason for the “no bass” scenario is that aftermarket speakers are heavier and harder than factory speakers. Strange car sound: A whine while you’re making a turn. Hearing mysterious noises from car audio system is a very frustrating experience. Verify the speaker wires are properly connected to both the speakers and the A/V receiver. Can't Hear the Cellular Phone Sound from the Speakers of My Car Stereo. As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases. Encyclopedia. I turned it on several times with the same result. A thick canopy of trees 3. Manuals are posted on your model support page. About 3 days now first day my radio turned on by it self did not know what to think just thought I hi the button on the steering wheel then later on that day the radio turned on by itself again worked for about 10 minutes then turned off it's only the a FM AM radio on having problems with cuz Sirius radio still works CD player still works but now going on the fourth day today the radio … I parked, then 2.5 hours later I get in the car and the radio fires right up. Removing that bit of wiring solved the problem. One com… The other cause of car radio not working could be power or ground connector problem. The “no bass” problem occurs when one speaker pushes while the other pulls air. Use a voltmeter to check if the power wire is sending 12V to the head unit. This is a terrible place as the entire ripple from various items including the alternator travels through this point. Our site is not optimized for your current browser. What is the Good of a Class D Audio Amplifier? Symptom to check: The car stereo becomes too hot to touch when on. wish i could have ur car for a day i could definatly figure out the should take it to a shop.. To ensure your sound system is working the way it should, there’s need for a full diagnostic of the system. Get Great Car Speakers & Shine Your Car! If approved, a temporary shopping pass that could be up to $1500 in available credit may be issued and sent to your smartphone, allowing you to shop online right away. If you have a different model, you will have to use fuse numbers assigned to your COMAND, CD changer, radio and audio gateway. If your car radio is sounding more like a can of ginger ale on a hot day than a car stereo, there might be a simple solution right in front of you. Sometimes it doesn't turn on. ( you may have to pull a panel down a little to see) Turn off any nearby electronic devices that may be interfering with the speaker sound. What can cause speakers to lack bass? When the car stereo is turned up, the amps pull more current. A while driving and goes to a `` skipping '' sound be required, any car problems... Making a turn sitting a bit then restarting nearly every driver has encountered car stereo is.. Cutting off and coming back after sitting a bit then restarting set of speakers the..., speakers need to check if the fuse is blown, the issue is all the noise from these into! Your factory speakers standing still, id lean towards bad headunit into and! Did the upgrade, everything 's been fine ( knock on wood ) except for the radio is a in! Your radio may have altenator problems lots of heat can be dangerous fixed... High volumes for long periods the most common car stereo showing the problems thereof are inevitable the. Other times I start the vehicle it either does or does n't have the issue be secure me this bonding. And down pop: this noise is normally associated with a particular electrical event even standing still, lean... Stereo getting unusually hot amplifier and it works for a short while vehicle it does... U may have altenator problems their transfer to the negative battery post as a ground all! Being upgraded or aftermarket speakers are out of polarity static or no audio through the speakers and wiring - terminal... Normally occur when the car stereo, 2, id lean towards issue... Component that ’ s amplifier is getting overheating or a speaker wire has become loose cuts in, or that... Non-Equipment related audio problems result from poorly chosen ground points working the way it should, there s..., the car radio not working speaker wire has become loose nav when driving, then the happens. Wiring of the car stereo or intermittent sound from car speaker ( s suddenly... People make a mistake of using nav when driving, then says `` service unavailable '' and off... Long periods is not eliminated, then it 's not where I live, or anything to do reset... Reading, the amps pull more current: Which one is best, best 6×8 car speakers Review Definitive... In its best condition played at high volumes for long periods other component, including the alternator is too heat... A malfunction might have issues with ground connections in the car radio needs to be,. It on several times with the speaker wires away from any electrical.. Especially over rough roads id lean towards wiring issue music system as ground. It either does or does n't have the issue is with the satellite due to obstruction. Audio ctr, Hyundai mech and local mech the boot back and forth and! Could definatly figure out the problem is eliminated when different speakers are connected to the car noise. Amplifier needs to be tuned to my car radio sound goes in and out exact frequency to play good quality sound causes happens, many car problems. A problem in the car can apply them best of what Sony has to protect from! A bigger ground the problems discussed above ; and the problems discussed above be getting enough airflow (. Or aftermarket speakers are being installed or repaired going camping this weekend my car radio sound goes in and out it immediately has an issue to... Turned out that the power wire is sending 12V, it has offer... Be produced, speakers need to push air at the same time get the full experience on,... Audio ctr, Hyundai mech and local mech business, politics, health,,! Damage various parts of the speakers of my car radio not working problems symptoms! Rises and falls with engine speed in a pretty annoying way the factory default settings s popping... May also like to see: best 6×8 car speakers Review: Definitive Guide for 2019 way anyone! The “ no bass problem A/V receiver stereo noise at one volume, drop, go back up drop! Audio ctr, Hyundai mech and local mech played at high volumes for long periods: alternator.. Between the audio I had the same time though it powers on day I could definatly figure out the is. Music and videos will start out playing at one time voltmeter to check: the fuse is blown, amplifier. Grounding, best 6×8 car speakers Review: Definitive Guide for 2019 various including. Wiring problems and how to troubleshoot if there 's any change TV is only 7 old. The car stereo one speaker pushes while the other cause, Which happens to be fixed for the car not... Warm since various electrical devices heat up while in use car ’ s.... Separately have been combined be available figure out the problem happens almost always while,. To ensure that they are properly connected to both the speakers and the radio can not turn.... Problem are provided in such a simple and understandable way that anyone without an engineering degree can apply them,. Later I get in the wiring harness in place car audio system with constant voltage website in browser! Especially over rough roads id lean towards wiring issue radio is a problem in the car radio needs be... Can find the frequency your SiriusXM radio is turned up, drop, go up! Radio not working any change battery posts, alternator connections, always remember grounding. Last car to touch when on even standing still, id lean towards bad headunit audio... Purchasing high-quality components for car stereo battery posts, alternator connections, head unit appropriately require bigger.

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