Harry Potter Gif Immer Harry Potter Mundo Harry Potter Harry Potter Draco Malfoy Harry Potter Pictures Harry Potter Wallpaper Harry Potter Characters Harry Potter World Harry Potter Background. You began to worry, what if they never revealed themselves? You looked up to see Cedric dragging you towards the dock his face full of worry. added by FloraorStella. It was you. Determination took over his features, he had a plan and he just hoped the others were less prepared than he. Saved by kaitlin 20.2k. It's like 2007 all over again. He has also said that he was never even going to try to get a six pack. I’d prefer to get drunk.". You opened your mouth to confess your knowledge on the portraits he had drawn of you. You had just had a particularly hard day, you were late to Charms and got 5 points taken from your house, you spilled ink all over your positions essay, you got pumpkin juice on your blouse and forgot about a very difficult quiz in DADA. # 2k# 3k# beardys gifs# beardysgifs# cedric diggory# cho chang# fjdjfd# harry potter# harry potter and the goblet of fire# hpedit# mine# my stuff# rita skeeter# … Your lips split open in a smile and your eyes crinkled or just shut altogether. 15. In all the excitement you had completely forgotten that Cedric was revealed as the mysterious artist. He's had body issues forever since he was being constantly picked-apart by Twilight fans. Summary: You start receiving sketches of yourself and find out who the artist is in a very surprising way. Just then the horn was blown and he dove into the water quickly casting a bubble charm around his head and begging to swim into the depths of the lake. Posts1 - 1 of 1. ----- A Harry Potter imagine series where you are the main character! And don’t forget, he’s the seeker of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. pt. You groaned bending down to pick it up as you did you glance at the contents of the page and your heart stopped. 7 … I got inspired by a tiktok. At first it had been interesting to have the Durmstrang boys here. Cedric led you to an empty bench overlooking the lake on the platform getting congratulated all the way. I'd give him a Portkey straight to my heart. He presumably attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy in his youth, where he would have received his magical education. He blushed bright red and looked away from you. “Ahh Y/n, looks as if the last of you have arrived.”. He started to laugh, “For such a bright girl I expected you had already found out.”, You were beginning to feel stupid, “Found out what?”. Cedric Diggory is just the type of guy all girls dream about – he’s charming, modest, talented, and extremely attractive. He was Sorted into Hufflepuff house, and distinguished himself as both an academic and athletic student, becoming a Prefect in his fifth year, as well as captain and Seek… Add Meme. Your eyebrows scrunched together in momentary confusion before following the orders you had been given. Cedric Diggory mini-series . The golden boy of Hogwarts was spending his time sketching you? What would you do? Video of Cedric Diggory/Robert Pattinson HP Gof Scenes (Part 3/3) for fans of Cedric Diggory. Eventually, you stopped looking and simply hoped they would reveal themselves. Imagine Cedric Diggory getting angry when he spots a foreign student getting handsy with you. And you people are still out here trying to verbally abuse him and critique his appearance. You. Ron snorted, “As if Hermione would ever get in trouble.” he jeered earning a glare from the bushy-haired girl. The others tied around you suddenly meant nothing as he stared at you. “Now we don't want to waste much more time." Have a biscuit, Potter. share. tracking #usertatyana. Top September Top August Top July Top June Top May … Hannah Abbott eventually married Neville Longbottom, so clearly she can’t be all bad. “Found her.” Cedric realizes what he did and blushes. He cleared his throat and started again, "Ahem, how about this?" November 2005 in London.In Deutschland und Österreich startete er am 16. The chaos exploded around you:people jumped on their feet,shaking their hands in the air to celebrate the boys who had just came out from the labyrinth. Just then the crowd erupted into cheers and you looked up to see Krum emerge, Hermione, gasping for breath as she appeared to shriek a bit at his shark head before he quickly changed back. 1|2 [Cedric x Reader] 2) Fancy you, love! You had your head thrown back your eyes closed and a smile wide on your face, it was clear you were laughing. Spend A Day As A Witch Or Wizard To Find Out If You And Cedric Diggory Are Compatible. other. 72 views. “Y-yeah, wait how do you know about those?”, “It's impossible to miss,” Mcgonagall said sweetly, “Cedric is constantly pouring over as sketchbook in his classes, particularly the ones you are in, Ms. Y/l/n.”. Applause erupted around the Great Hall, especially from the Hufflepuff table where Cedric, mobbed by his housemates, finally emerged to make his way, grinning broadly, towards the chamber behind the teachers’ table. Find the hottest cedricdiggory stories you'll love. Masterlist. He almost choked when he saw what was waiting for him. An image tagged death of cedric diggory. Each one was more beautiful than the last and you swear that they made you look much prettier in the drawing than you really were. Most were done in pencil a few in quill and one in charcoal. Allerdings trägt sie das ganze Jahr über keinen Cedric-Diggory-Anstecker wie viele andere Schüler, um ihren Freund zu unterstützen (HP4, 22). But the thing is: that doesn’t fucking matter. As you pulled away you were for the second time in the past hour gasping for air. Cedric was the one who was giving those to you? He quickly located the singing he remembered form the terrible egg he had gotten and swum toward it. McGonagall went to talk to Dumbledore as you made your way over to Ron and Hermione. Originally posted by ronweaslley. “They're amazing by the way.” You complemented, “Although I'm pretty sure you make me look much better in the drawings than I am in person.” You giggled. *points at captions*, Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, #making the content I want to see as usual sigh, #it's tough to think about stuff pre-third triwizard trial because I'm always tempted to go into non-canon territory. Cedric Diggory Club Join New Post. Dec 24, 2020 - Explore Jenna Barnes's board "Cedric Diggory", followed by 103 people on Pinterest. Body-shaming men is just as bad as body-shaming women and it's just fucked up that he has to go through all this all over again. ‍♀️. Cedric Diggory was, as you all know, exceptionally hard-working, infinitely fair-minded and, most importantly, a fierce friend. Wenn Sie schauen, animierte Bilder von Robert Pattinson sind, um eine Website, einen Job, eine PowerPoint-Präsentation zu machen, sind Sie mit dem Schreiben einen Eintrag für Ihren Blog über Robert Pattinson, hier alle Bilder, die Sie wollen.